Stay Surveys For Employee Retention

Boost Employee Engagement

In an ideal world, all of our staff members would feel valued, challenged and supported in their job without us having to change a thing. We also know that humans are complex and that each person faces the same day in different ways. But what we can do, is give each person an opportunity to be heard, so that we can tailor solutions to retain them as an engaged & fulfilled employee.

Think of stay surveys as an exit interview, but they’re still an employee and the goal is to ensure that they stay that way. We give employees the opportunity to share what it is they love about their role, what they would like to see improve, and where they see themselves headed in that role. Because all these conversations are performed by Hatch as a third party interviewer, we are able to gain a deep and honest understanding of what your team is looking for.

After conducting our employee stay surveys, we will then present back to you the team’s overall employee engagement, areas for improvement and what things employees currently appreciate. We ensure that your team can speak with us confidentially so that they can get messages across in a way that is positive and constructive. The insights from our employee stay surveys create a fantastic starting point to understanding if your organisation’s benefits are actually meeting your workforce’s needs.

The Hatch Way

Our employee stay surveys can be run in a similar fashion to our exit interviews, a method that we know works to get the most information out of people. It is a valuable opportunity for each employee to be heard and provides an opportunity for them to collaborate with their managers to maintain the great things, and work together on the areas for improvement – creating a happier, more productive environment.

Our Three-Step Process:

  1. Online Stay Survey
    We invite the employee to complete a user-friendly online survey. The survey aims to understand what each individual is seeking in their role, including what’s working, what isn’t and how your current offerings to employees ‘stack up’.
  2. Optional Virtual Interviews
    If you are keen to know the detail, we can invite a sample of employees, or even your whole team to participate in a short virtual interview with one of our Australian-based team members. The interview enables us to talk through their responses, and get a deeper understanding of their answers, and what makes them feel valued. Think of it as finding out their love languages, just their work related ones.
  3. Stay Survey Report & Action Plan
    Our team analyse the survey and interview feedback and present the results in an easy-to-read format including trend analysis and a ready-to-go action plan. Where pre-approved by individuals, we will also be able to share with you individual persons’ goals and feedback. We can also offer a face-to-face presentation of results, where additional costs may apply.

Keep your people happily employed for the long-run

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