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How to keep your people happily employed for the long-run.

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The Secrets To Employee Retention

How to keep your people happily employed for the long-run

We’re all busy looking for ways to boost our employee retention. The problem is, we’re often focused on the wrong things.

  • The mandatory team building retreat you organised? Your people are wondering how much the trip cost while they’re figuring out how to pay next month’s gas bill.
  • The boat you’ve generously given your staff access to? They’d prefer a computer that actually works.
  • The expensive office coffee machine? Gathering dust as we speak.

So what are the things that actually matter to your employees?

This guide will uncover the 7 key factors that make employees stay with their employers, and help you see how your own workplace stacks up.

What’s inside?

  • Top challenges: why retention trumps recruitment in today’s market
  • The 7 pillars of retention: what really matters to today’s employees
  • Self-diagnostic: assess your workplace in each of the 7 areas
  • Quick wins: easy changes you can make today to boost your employee retention

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