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Interview Those Leaving To Make Your Top Talent Stay

There are endless reasons why someone chooses to move on to a new role, and a lot of the time, they’re not doom and gloom! You already know that your people are your greatest asset, so what they have to say about your company should be a priority.

So why should you outsource exit interviews?

  • Learn the real reasons people are leaving: With our third party exit interview service, maybe you’ll discover that your perks aren’t translating the way you want them to, or that your business didn’t offer flexibility to a person when they needed it most. Outsourced exit interviews allow you to truly understand what people think and feel about your organisation, and why they feel this way.
  • Improve retention: Use the insights from your outsourced exit interviews to inform changes in your organisation, enabling you to increase retention, continue to improve your culture, and enhance employee engagement.
  • Create positive exit experiences: Our third party exit interview service helps ensure that departing employees feel heard and know that their contribution to the organisation was valued.
  • Avoid the costs of a bad hire: Research shows that a bad hire can cost between 15-21% of a person’s annual salary (AFR, 2021), the insights from exit interviews can help ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Our Exit Interview Process

No matter why an employee is leaving, our exit interview service provides valuable insight into the general level of employee engagement and the employee experience. Our independent, data-driven approach provides more meaningful insights and greater transparency than in-house exit interviews. Outsourcing your exit interviews makes employees feel that they can be honest in their feedback, without offending their peers.

How does it work?

Hatch Solutions exit interview process is user friendly, including a hassle-free scheduling experience for departing employees. All of our exit interviews include:

  1. Exit Interview
    The departing employee is invited to participate in a short exit interview with one of our Australian-based team members. The interview enables us to truly understand why they are leaving and how the organisation, teams and leaders could improve.
  2. Report & Action Plan
    Our team analyses the exit interview feedback and presents the results in an easy-to-read format including practical suggestions and recommendations to address employee feedback.

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