The hatching of Hatch

Hatch Solutions was born in late 2019 when we saw organisations struggling to keep up with the changing nature of work and retain their most valuable asset – their people.

As a leader, you know there’s an easier way to do things. Trouble is, you’re way too busy to identify all the issues, make an action plan and implement all the changes you need to make. That’s where we come in.

We’re all about working with you through the challenges so we can support you every step of the way. We never dump a report on your desk and run. We’re here to help you understand our advice and recommendations so you can make meaningful change for your business.

People + tools + data – jargon = success

At Hatch, we have the tools and the people to navigate change seamlessly. We use data-driven insights, shared in a way you understand so you know what’s happening and what your next steps are. This is a jargon and buzzword free zone.

We also hold a range of internationally recognised qualifications and certifications including; Prosci, Lean Six Sigma, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and EQ-i 2.0® Emotional Intelligence Inventory, and leverage various others tools to get the job done.

We help you to create the work environment that you want, a business that thrives because its people are supported, motivated and empowered.

How we work

At Hatch, we walk our talk. We’ve got strong organisational values that inform how our team works with you. We’re invested in your business improvement as much as you are.

Our values are:

  • Flexibility

    Our team and clients all benefit from our flexible approach. We believe in doing things in a way that gets the best outcome. If you work best sitting under a palm tree, we’ll bring the mojitos.

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  • Curiosity

    We don’t come into any partnership with our minds made up. We ask lots of questions, explore different perspectives and find new and innovative ways to share what we know. We value the views and experiences of everyone. Many heads are truly better than one.

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  • Courage

    We’ll tell you what you need to hear even if it’s uncomfortable. The truth – and the advice, recommendations and decisions that come from it – is what we’re interested in.

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  • Do Good

    Just like you, we want to do good in this world. Our focus is helping your organisation thrive so your people feel good about the time they spend in the workplace. In turn, working with us allows our team to share our knowledge and give back to the community through donations, volunteering and pro bono work.

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Whether you work with us as a client or a member of our team, you’ll see our values on display in everything we do.

Meet The Team

Our team of people experts can help you get the most out of your workforce.

  • Michelle Pedersen

    Managing Director

    Michelle’s strengths lie in organisational development, workshop facilitation, and supporting organisations to drive culture change. Her dynamic and creative approach has enabled Michelle to successfully deliver a variety of change initiatives across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors.

    As Hatch’s founder, you will see Michelle’s touch on everything that we do.

  • Sharon Winks

    Senior Consultant

    Sharon is a highly experienced and successful executive consultant and not-for-profit board director with a career spanning over thirty years. Sharon has a proven ability to work with a broad range of clients in achieving their desired organisational outcomes.

    Sharon's approach is collaborative with a focus on maximising value for her clients.

  • Sarah McNeice


    Sarah works with leaders to bring their vision of engaged and high-performing teams to life. Organisations want an involved workforce, though often they don’t have the awareness or resources to implement and support the changes needed to achieve this goal.

    Sarah has been working in people and culture roles for more than 10 years, with diverse experience including positions in government, mining and construction.

  • Michelle Fowler


    Michelle has over 15 years experience in safety and training roles across a range of industries including health, education, mining, construction, oil, gas, and local government. Michelle's strength lies in the design and delivery of practical and engaging training. Her goal is to support both executives and those on the shop floor. Whatever the topic, her mission is to bring it to life!

  • Nikki Sjogren


    Nikki has worked in various customer service, organisational transformation and HR roles for a range of sectors including energy & resources, banking & insurance, healthcare and the not-for-profit space.

    A great listener, her down-to-earth approach and ability to connect with people enables Nikki to effectively draw out their insights, concerns or issues.

Our Partners

We partner with several like minded businesses to support us in delivering the best outcomes for our clients.


Galent is an Australia owned and operated management consulting firm offering its clients highly skilled and experienced management consulting professionals, spanning a broad spectrum of services and capabilities. Their team offers established credentials as a provider of high-quality services to the government (Australian, State & Territory), public and not for profit sectors across Australia.

They offer a broad range of management consulting services including Governance and Risk, Organisational Improvement, Strengthening and Change, Management and Strategic Reviews, Procurement, Strategic Sourcing & Commercial Management, Business Case Development, Human Resources Management, Gateway Reviews, Audit and Assurance, Probity Advisory and Audit, Board Governance, Reviews & Advisory Services, Program and Project Management, Information Technology, Financial Management and Analysis, Accounting and Finance.

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