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Thanks for attending Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Navigating Quiet Quitting in the Workplace.

We have pulled together a range of resources to help you to better understand the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace, including how to navigate quiet quitting.

The below resources should not be considered advice, instead they are intended to provide ideas and different perspectives on how to build an engaged workforce.

Presentation: Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Navigating Quiet Quitting in the Workplace

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Seven Pillars of Retention – eBook

This guide will uncover the 7 key factors that make employees stay with their employers, and help you see how your own workplace stacks up.


  • Top challenges: why retention trumps recruitment in today’s market
  • The 7 pillars of retention: what really matters to today’s employees
  • Self-diagnostic: assess your workplace in each of the 7 areas
  • Quick wins: easy changes you can make today to boost your employee retention


Other Useful Resources

Emotion Wheel

The Emotion Wheel can be used to label your feelings and improve your self-awareness.

HBR article: How to Work for a Boss Who Lacks Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is depressingly rare. Psychological research suggests there is less than 10% overlap between people’s actual and self-perceived competence, mostly because people are not as adept as they think they are. This tendency to be unjustifiably pleased with oneself is exacerbated in leaders, not least because people are often promoted to leadership positions based on their confidence rather than their competence. What should you do if you have a boss who lacks self-awareness?

HBR article: When Quiet Quitting Is Worse Than the Real Thing

While most employers understand the challenges associated with resignations, a new trend — quiet quitting — has somewhat more-nuanced implications for organizations. Quiet quitters continue to perform all their regular work, but they refuse to go above and beyond and engage in what researchers refer to as citizenship behaviors. 

The Emotional Culture Deck

The Emotional Culture Deck will help you drive bottom-up change about what really matters by stimulating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership. 

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